23 de octubre de 2011

Tragic Allies -The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good & Evil 2CD (2011)

God Gifted feat. Planet Asia
War Melody
Fallin' Starz
Words From The Most High
Street Narrative
 Revival Of The Fittest
 In The Air
The Thought Of Dying
Interlude feat. 60 Second Assassin
 Drown feat. Mami Uno
Picture Perfect feat. Killah Priest
 Riots In The Streets
Rap Quotables
 Time We Never Had
Story Of Sadness feat. Bronze Nazareth
Outro feat. Killah Priest
Heart Break
It Is What It Is
Undeniable feat. Crucial The Guillotine
Drama In The Building
 Faces In The Dark feat. Darkim Be Allah

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