21 de noviembre de 2011

Celph Titled - Nineteen Ninety More (2011)

01 While You Slept (feat. Laws)
02 Good Hell Hunting (feat. Outerspace)
03 Rapid Fire (feat. Cella Dwellas)
04 Get Stupid (feat. Lord Digga & Kwest)
05 The Celph Titled Show
06 Nothin' To Say (feat. Rise)
07 There Will Be Blood -Remix- (feat. Sadat X, Grand Puba, AG, OC & Diamond D)
08 Buck's Four Course Meal
09 While You Slept -Instrumental-
10 Good Hell Hunting -Instrumental-
11 Rapid Fire -Instrumental-
12 Get Stupid -Instrumental-
13 The Celph Titled Show -Instrumental-
14 Nothin' To Say -Instrumental-
15 There Will Be Blood -Remix - Instrumental-

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