13 de diciembre de 2010

Al'tarba - Blood Out Connections Vol 1 (2009)

01-First Injection
02-Walk With The Beast ft. Qualm
03-Consumed Planet X
04-Ego ft. Little Vic
05-Devil In Chains ft. Psych Ward
06-Feed Me ft. 2Ugli & Mr. Shadow
07-2012 Planet X
08-Body Harvest ft. ArchNME & Ill Bill
09-Game Over Planet X
10-Retour A L'age De Pierre Droogz Brigrade
11-9mm Remix ft. Planet Asia
12-Crass Test
13-Regard Percant ft. Swift Gueko, Al K & Aketo
14-Old Soul ft. Savage Brothers
15-Bubbles For Jess
16-Planetary Takeover ft. Lord Lhus, Savage Brothers & Planet X
17-On Ne Sait Rien Remix ft. Mysa
18-Masscare De L'industrie Droogz Brigade
19-Free From The Straighjack ft. Plague Plenty
20-Science of Dreams ft. IDE
21-Dead End

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