25 de enero de 2011

Adlib - Brass Knuckle Hustle (2010)

01 Ill Roc (B.K.H.)
02 Here & Now
03 Hate My Gutz ft Slaine, Reef The Lost Cauze, DJ Kwestion
04 Bumrush ft Danny Diablo
05 The Cure
06 Independence Day ft Jon Gula
07 Cookbook
08 Not A Game ft Ali Armz, Aeyone
09 Davey Jones ft Godilla, Casear Glomgold
10 On My Way ft Jessica Lamb
11 The League ft Steele, UG, Godilla, Ali Armz
12 Where I'm From
13 Dark Lady
14 Seek & Destroy ft Godilla, Ali Armz
15 Warrior Spirit ft Casear Glomgold, J.O. The Last Man, Aeyone
16 Free For All ft Godilla, King Magnetic
17 Rukus ft Krush Unit, Biz Mighty, Side Effect, Brainstorm, One Gold Tooth, Sick Six
18 Steel Toe ft Panic & Ceekay Jones
19 Until The End
20 Witches Brew ft Freedom 30, Aeyone, Godilla, Ali Armz, Casear Glomgold

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