20 de marzo de 2011

Lord Lhus - We Love You Lord Lhus the Mixtape (2011)

01 We Love You Lord Lhus
02 Vendetta Sword Ft. Vendetta Kingz (produced by Junior Makhno)
03 Smake that Ass Ft Powder (produced by Hit Farmers)
04 Milita Mic Masters Ft Apacalypze & Dr. ill
05 Bang You Ft Apacalpyze & Mighty Thor (produced by vherbal)
06 Quit Sleeping Ft Psych Ward (produced by Sicknature)
07 Fate Ft Eternel & Unkn-wn (produced by Benzie)
08 Stone Cutters Ft Ide & Alucard (produced by Benzie)
09 Freestyle 1
10 Freestyle 2
11 Whats the Time (produced by Stjin)
12 When the Lights Go Out Ft Young U (produced by Komander of Kruscifix)

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