13 de marzo de 2011

The White Lotus Society - White Lotus Presents The Lotus Society Vol.2

01 water dragons (feat. the lotus chief)
02 blood flow (prod. bronze nazareth)(feat. estee & purpose of tragic allies & lotus chief)
03 remains of seasons (feat. dkga)
04 sword justus_original peoplez (prod. ghost disciple)(feat lotus chief)
05 anti death machine (feat. lotus chief, nova kane & iron neck li
06 training at the dojo (feat. iron neck li & lotus chief)
07 artery (prod. bronze nazareth)(feat. morning star, seraph guard & killer falcon
08 formless sword melody (feat. immortal gods)
09 crane technique of flight (feat. lotus chief, seraph guard,& morning star
10 heavy weapon (iron neck li & lotus chief)
11 shades of the witch hazel (prod. rpm)(feat. lotus chief & rpm)
12 the steel finger (feat. lotus chief)
13 heaven for a ghost army (prod. semantix)(feat. dkga)
14 buttafly swords (feat. rhyme fabric)
15 razor loose leaf (prod.dj swarm)(feat. lotus chief & seraph guard)
16 weeping sword (feat. lotus chief & iron neck li)
17 departed souls of kaos (prod. annex)(feat. dkga, nova kane, miss hoe the 8th sister& holocaust
18 lilly white handlock (feat. lotus chief)

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