10 de marzo de 2011

Singapore Kane - Wrath Of Kane (2011)

01 Lion Tamer
02 Hardcore feat. Stephen King, Cold Shoulda & Big Nor -Produced by ATG-
03 The Watcher feat. Slight Grin & Big Nor
04 Ill Bomb
05 Drop
06 Cry For The Youth -Produced by Purpose-
07 Tom & Jerry
08 Dividends -Produced by Lee Bannon-
09 Getz Busy feat. Slight Grin & Spillz Sutt'n
10 Play It (Remix) feat. Big Shug, Royce Da 5'9-, Termanology -Produced by DJ Premier-
11 Adrenaline feat. Purpose
12 The - Remains
13 In The Ghetto -Produced by Latif-
14 Blast Shots feat. Erg One & Estee Mack -Produced by P of Solid Connect-
15 Fire In The Game -Produced by Reef Ali-
16 Using Me -Produced by The Lion-
17 Outside The Margins -Produced by TKSTR-
18 In The Streets feat. Raw Spillage
19 Mad At Me -Produced by Allegory-
20 MLK (Tribute)

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